I’m a dedicated technical trainer (CompTIA CTT+) with substantial experience training students and adults, designing training programs, writing training materials; practiced in delivering software, hardware, and personal skills training to a broad range of customers, and able to explain technical subjects to a diverse audience.

My work encompasses several roles:

PROFESSIONAL TRAINER - I educate individuals and groups on how to best use hi-tech products and software.

EDUCATOR – I tutor students and adults in English, Writing, Science, and soft skills.

WRITER – I compose training materials and webinars that are easy to read and enable understanding.

COACH – I strive to bring out the best in everyone. I'm honored that my work with an MIT collaborative to assist the long-term unemployed was mentioned in the New York Times.

PUBLIC SPEAKER – I’ve engaged audiences ranging from a dozen to as many as four-hundred peoples.

THOUGHTFUL COMMENTATOR – I write for the MetroWest Daily News and have been published in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and USA Today.

LIFE LEARNER – I always enjoy reading something to improve my skills and keep up with the latest developments. It’s a pleasure to learn something every day.